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¡Bienvenidos a Tomiño, Taberna Gallega!

Our history –and this restaurant’s– begins in Tomiño: a locality in Galicia, a region in northwest Spain that is famous for its gastronomy and the place where our family comes from. Our father Joaquín, or Jack to his friends, passed down his love for cooking with his work in Trattoria Trecolori: a small restaurant that he founded in East 53rd Street and which now offers the best Italian food in mid-town Manhattan. Today, the business is run by his three sons Marco, Victor, and Phil; we are now presenting a new concept in order to continue evolving, a place featuring the most avant-garde gastronomy of our origins, which will conquer your palates.

“Pulpo á Feira” (Galician-style octopus), “almejas a la marinera” (clams á la marinière), “tortilla de Betanzos” (Spanish omelet), “pimientos de Padrón” (Padrón peppers)… We want our dishes to take you to Galicia, so that you can come with us on a journey to our roots, to the flavors and textures that have marked our life and that accompany us every time we return. And we’re not alone: Tomiño will enjoy the collaboration of Lucía Freitas, one of the leading chefs in the Galician culinary scene.

Because there’s nothing better than feeling at home: Welcome to Galicia! Welcome to Tomiño!

Our Chefs

We knew that launching this new initiative so closely linked to our roots would require looking to the other side of the Atlantic so that our project would be led by a team of chefs with 100% Galician DNA. After an in-situ investigation of the latest Galician culinary tendencies, we selected the following team of chefs.

Lucía Freitas, the chef manager:

Lucía Freitas is one of Galicia’s leading chefs and Tomiño’s chief counselor. After studying cuisine, she worked in some of Spain’s most important restaurants, such as Celler de Can Roca, El Bohío, Mugaritz or Tápies, before opening her own place in 2011: A Tafona Casa de Xantar, in Santiago de Compostela. In 2015 she joined Grupo Nove, which encompasses the majority of Galicia’s Michelin-starred chefs. Her creations are modern, elegant, tasty and show great respect for the raw ingredients, among which top-quality Galician products stand out.

At Tomiño, Lucía has adapted perfectly to the essence of what we wanted to convey: she makes sure that all our dishes feature the unique taste and character of Galicia, something that’s impossible to forget. In short, she’s our Galician connection in order to conquer the palates of Manhattan with 100% Galician gastronomy.

Fran Novas:

Fran Novas, an experienced chef who was Lucía Freitas’ right-hand man in A Tafona’s kitchen, will be a charge of Tomiño’s team of cooks to ensure a perfect union between Galicia and the Big Apple.

Rogelio García:

A New Yorker with Galician roots, Roger is in charge of blending the tradition of Galician gastronomy with all the flavor of Manhattan cuisine.